Welcome to the Wholesale Section of The Custom Studio! Im really excited that you have joined and look forward to working with you! Below I will list out how my Wholesale works and a few Q&As for all the new Members in my Group. 

1. What is your MOQ? (minimum order quantity)

MOQ is 5 PER design. This means you can mix and match shirt colors, styles, and sizes.

2. Are these Screen Printed?


3. What is your turn around time

It usually runs about a week and a half. I work nearly 6 days a week (I have two businesses total which includes two etsy store) So I am always trying to push orders out as fast as possible! 

 4. What brand of shirts do you use?

The majority of all my shirts are Bella+Canvas. I also will sometimes use Next Level with is a fantastic brand as well! I will always note which brand of shirt I am using. For the Kids apparel it will vary between: Laughing Giraffe,  Gildan, Jerzees, Next level, Rabbit Skin, and LAT

5. How do the Adult Tees Fit?

The Crew and V-neck are a Unisex fit. Meaning they will run a little bigger than women's sizes

6. What Material are they?

All shirt color and size chart will list the fabric content. It will very between 100% cotton and a Poly Cotton Blend with very little shrinkage 

7. Can I use your image to gather pre-orders for my boutique group?

YES. I work VERY hard on my flat lays! I strongly believe the better the flat lays look the more they will sell! I do ask that you watermark them! This will prevent people from trying to take them. In each listing there is also a size/color chart you can use as well! 

8. Do you have Minimum Re-Sell price? 

I have gone back and fourth on this but I have finally decide I am going to have one. I want it to be a fair market for everyone. I sell these retail for 24.95. I know it also depends on your location and the type of group you have! The Min price point will be $17. These are a very nice high quality shirt. They are worth it :)

9. Can I purchase from you for my wholesale group?

No. I provide these for Boutique owners to resell to their groups or in their stores only 


If there is anything I have not covered here please just message me and I can answer any questions that you have! 

Below I will lay out Rules for the Facebook Group and Re-Selling

1.You MUST have a re sellers permit. I will not longer accept orders if you do not have one

2. You must have a Facebook Boutique, Online store, or Retail store in order to purchase with me

3. You can NOT sell on Etsy. 

4. You MUST watermark all the Images that I provide for you! This will prevent people from taking the images and Claiming them as their own

5. Min retail price is set at $17